5 Things You Never Knew About Hair Removal

If you’ve ever had any waxing done besides your eyebrows, you know that it’s often a painful experience that you pay money to have someone do for you.

1. It doesn’t need to be painful!

If you’ve ever had any waxing done besides your eyebrows, you know that it’s often a painful experience that you pay money to have someone do for you. No matter how good your esthetician is, it just hurts. Many people associate laser hair removal to a painful waxing over and over and over! Many laser hair devices ARE that painful! At AlDa Aesthetics, we use the Quanta EVO system, which is Virtually Painless! Once you experience this revolutionary laser you’ll never go anywhere else for your hair removal needs, EVER!

2. It’s really not that expensive.

Back when laser hair removal was first starting out (in the ‘90s), the treatment was extremely expensive. Even getting a small area treated was thousands of dollars. Now that laser hair removal is more common, the price tag is much more affordable. This, of course, depends on where you are going for your treatments—large physician only based centers will be more expensive. It also depends on the size of the treated area—getting both of your legs treated will be more expensive than doing your underarms. Before your first appointment, do your research, find a clean and reputable medical spa or office, call in advance to schedule and ask about office procedures prior to your first laser hair treatment. Since laser hair removal is permanent after a certain amount of appointments, the price can be totally worth it!!

3. It only takes about 10 minutes.

Yep, you read that right. Laser hair treatments are a get-in-get-out kind of appointment. Who doesn’t love those? Now, this is assuming that you are getting a smaller area treated—a full leg appointment will be longer. You will need to go in regularly, every four to six weeks for the face and every six to eight weeks for the rest of the body to continue seeing permanent results. But since the laser is killing off about 10-20% of the hair follicles each appointment, you will eventually only need to go in for touch up appointments annually or none at all for years! Truth! What an investment!

4. It’s easier to find a laser treatment center than you think.

AlDa Aesthetics is owned and operated by an aesthetic nurse and seasoned medical esthetician. Our partnership brings vast knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of aesthetics, skincare and lasers. Not all medical spas are the same. We value our patients and reward all referrals as this is how we measure our success, though the happiness and referrals of all our satisfied patients.

5. Laser hair removal is effective for all skin types!

Our highly skilled laser technicians and nurse will review all applicable information before your first appointment and provide a full assessment prior to treatment. Many hair removal devices are only effective on thick, dark, coarse hair. The Quanta EVO is different. We can treat all hair, all skin types, all seasons! No need to wait till the fall or winter to begin your hair removal journey. Start now!

It’s also VERY important to disclose any medications and/or medical health conditions before you go in for your first treatment, as that has a significant effect on determining whether the procedure is right for you.

Did you learn something about laser hair removal you didn’t know before?

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