A.L.D.A.R.F. Treatment

A.L.D.A.R.F. combines the benefits of VirtueRF with Skinbetter Science® for gorgeous-looking skin. Schedule in Hanover, MA today.

What is A.L.D.A.R.F.?

Advanced, Luminous, Dermal, Anti-aging – the A.L.D.A.R.F. experience is your ticket to gorgeous skin! Here at our Hanover office, we’re always experimenting with the latest in aesthetics technology. In our search for perfection, we’ve discovered the amazing benefits of combining VirtueRF with Skinbetter Science®. In one treatment, you can enjoy the brightening of a chemical peel and the restorative benefits of radiofrequency therapy. The process takes minutes and the results speak for themselves! If you’re ready to break the mold on skincare, get in touch with our AlDa team today.


What Can You Expect from This Treatment?

A.L.D.A.R.F. is a unique combination treatment. During a session, you will experience a gentle VirtueRF treatment combined with the Skinbetter Science® Professional Peel System. First, the VirtueRF handpiece will be applied to your skin to stimulate collagen. This will give your skin a tight, healthy glow. Afterward, some gentle chemical exfoliation will be performed and followed by the application of a smoothing treatment mask. The best part about this treatment is that there’s no downtime. We recommend coming in for a morning session to make sure your skin stays radiant for the rest of the day.

Are You a Good Candidate for an A.L.D.A.R.F. Treatment?

This is an excellent treatment for those struggling with acne. If you have a rough skin texture and frequent breakouts, you’ll appreciate the A.L.D.A.R.F.’s ability to break down bacteria. It’s not exclusive to breakouts though. This treatment is a great option for a quick skin refresher. If you want a skincare option with a bit more kick, our A.L.D.A.R.F. treatment may be just what you need.

When Will You See Results?

It typically takes a couple of hours for the skin to calm down after a treatment. You might have some redness and irritation at first, but this is completely normal. Once that wears off, you will see more radiant, glowing skin than before. This treatment is perfect in the mornings and can help you look your best in the evening hours.

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