Stimulate Collagen to Restore Youthfulness – Face + Body!

How will Sculptra make you look younger?

Sculptra is an injectable that is used to add volume to areas of the face and body to create a soft, more youthful appearance. While traditional fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid gel substances, which diminish lines by pushing up the dermis space beneath wrinkles and creases, this treatment stimulates the growth of new collagen. An FDA-approved injectable, it’s used to correct shallow-to-deep facial wrinkles and folds.

Sculptra is also brilliant for increasing the volume of the buttocks for a smoother, rounder shape. If you’re looking for a natural-looking fix to fight the signs of aging for your face or body, this treatment may be a very good choice for you. 


What can you expect from Sculptra?

On average, a series of three treatment sessions over the course of a few months is needed. The number of injections during each session will vary depending on the degree of correction needed and the treatment plan determined by you and your specialist. You may experience mild discomfort during the treatment and may experience some redness and bruising around the treatment site post-procedure; however, you’ll be able to return to your regular activities straight away.

When will you see your results?

Sculptra is designed to give you noticeable results that emerge gradually and can last more than two years.* A few days after treatment, you may look as you did before treatment, which is normal and temporary. The Sculptra aesthetic regimen delivers its full effects after three treatment sessions and over the course of a few months.*

For the Aesthetic Booty Plump, most people begin to see a difference in the size and shape of their buttocks after the first or second treatment.* Though Sculptra results appear gradually over the treatment regime (typically three injections over 3-4 months), they can last up to two years.*

What’s the Sculptra Aesthetic Booty Plump?

If gravity has been having a negative effect on your bottom, you can kiss your flat or sagging butt goodbye with Sculptra! Popular among celebrities, Sculptra Booty Plump is a revolutionary, non-surgical butt-lift procedure. Significantly less invasive and expensive than surgical buttock enhancements such as the Brazilian Butt Lift or Liposuction, it produces results just as favorable. The treatment requires a series of injections with Sculptra Aesthetic to stimulate natural collagen production, resulting in increased volume of the buttocks and a smoother, rounder shape. This is an ideal procedure for those looking to enhance their figure for a more contoured and perkier butt without having to go through surgery.

What is it like getting the Sculptra Aesthetic Booty Plump?

During this non-surgical butt lift, Sculptra Aesthetic is strategically injected into the dermis layers of the buttock to create the desired shape and volume. Each treatment for the AlDa Booty Plump takes up to one hour. Multiple sessions are needed to achieve full results, and treatments are spaced four weeks apart. Recovery time post-Booty Plump is minimal. Clients must follow post-care guidance and massage the treatment site for five minutes, five times a day, for five days.

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