Restore Confidence With Semi-Permanent Hair Removal!

How waxing will benefit you:

Hair removal is often done via waxing in order to remove the entire hair from the hair follicle. Warm wax is used on the skin so that it will adhere to your hair. When the wax is removed, your hairs are pulled from their roots. Our advanced waxing techniques will remove unwanted hair on the face and body… whether it’s from your upper lip, underarms, legs, bikini zone or elsewhere, our licensed estheticians will ensure you have a comfortable, worthwhile experience. 

What can you expect during a waxing?

Our master-trained estheticians will cleanse the area to be treated, apply a thin coat of hard azulene wax, and gently remove unwanted hair. This type of wax is very gentle on the skin and virtually pain-free.

When can you expect results?

Results are immediate. The areas treated will remain hair-free for weeks, and hair will not grow back thicker and coarser; in fact, because waxing removes hair at the roots, the hair that is removed will grow in finer and softer over time. Regularly scheduled maintenance appointments are recommended every four weeks.

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