Jennie Winsper, RN

Registered Nurse

Photo of Jennie Winsper

My name is Jennie Winsper, and I specialize in providing high-quality elective cosmetic and health procedures. Through a resolute commitment to patient wellness and a meticulous scientific method, I produce remarkable, delicate results that seamlessly encapsulate your authentic persona.

With a BSN from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a continuous pursuit of an MSN-WHNP at Regis College, I have cultivated my proficiency in transformative care. As reflected by my Massachusetts Registered Nurse License (#2335671), my dedication to patient safety is unshakeable, while credentials such as American Heart Association CPR BLS and Neonatal Resuscitation highlight my mastery. Through The Aesthetic Mentor’s extensive training, my comprehension of neurotoxins, dermal fillers, and facial anatomy has remarkably expanded during my medical aesthetics journey.

My four years in Tufts Children’s Hospital’s Level III Neonatal ICU saw the development of my critical thinking skills, collaboration with diverse teams, and mentorship of new nurses. As a Travel Nurse at South Shore Hospital, I honed my skills in neonatal care to a deeper level. As a Business Owner and Certified Medical Aesthetic Nurse at Real You Aesthetics, I’ve reached a professional peak by managing intricate business operations and providing advanced treatments with finesse.

With a focus on community service, I managed vital vaccinations at a COVID-19 Vaccination Center. Whether tending to neonates or in the realm of aesthetics, my mission persists: By unifying these elements, we create a harmonious balance of beauty and science.


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