Top 6 Treatments For 2023

Whether your resolution is boosting your confidence or finally trying that procedure you’ve been researching, this is your sign to do it.

Whether your resolution is boosting your confidence or finally trying that procedure you’ve been researching, this is your sign to do it.

Ring in the new year as a new you with AlDa Aesthetics and some of our favorite treatments. 

Leave your double chin in 2022 & Look sharp with Kybella

Whether you packed on a few extra pounds during quarantine and have a stubborn double chin that persists no matter how much diet or exercises you do, or you’ve always felt your double chin has made you appear heavier, carrying extra facial fat can make even the most confident person feel self-conscious. 

That’s where Kybella comes in. The straightforward procedure is FDA-approved for stubborn submental fat through injection. The injection, which is made up of deoxycholic acid, destroys fat cells, resulting in a noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin and a profile with a noticeable structure. Once the cells are destroyed, they’re gone for good, making this a one-and-done procedure that will last. 

Structure the jawline with Juvederm Volux

Face structure and symmetry are important. As we age, we lose that structure, and our jawline becomes less defined. With Juvederm Volux, we’re able to deeply inject into the dermis to improve moderate to severe loss of jawline definition. The innovative yet subtle filler adds structure and volume to create a more youthful appearance that will last all year. 

This filler is injected under the skin and/or under the soft tissue but above the bone of the lower jaw. This enhances the definition of the jawline, improving its contours and size. This treatment can be performed on both men and women to address a weak jaw and provide results that last.

Age backward in 2023 & Restore confidence and volume with facial filler

As we age, we lose collagen and elastin, the components in the skin that keep it looking plump and tight. While this process is natural, dermal fillers have the ability to restore volume to the face and even add volume where there isn’t anyway. Through tasteful injection, fillers have the ability to plump the lips, decrease deep lines and wrinkles, and even alter the appearance of the cheeks, nose, and under the eye.

Like most aesthetics, the injector is just as important as what is being injected. At AlDa, we pride ourselves in our ability to marry artistry with medicine for a safe, tailored treatment. 

Reduce stress with Botox

If you aren’t already on a Botox regimen, it’s time to start! Whether you’re preventing or correcting, the popular 15-minute procedure remains the golden treatment for a reason. With only a few pricks, your facial wrinkles will soften for up to three months, leaving you looking photo-ready for the holidays and into the new year.

Start the new year stress-free & Pamper yourself with a HydraFacial

The 3-step, 30-minute facial is a great way to treat yourself. The gentle treatment packs serious results for a glow that will quench even the thirstiest skin. The amazing facial exfoliator, extracts, and hydrates in a relaxing treatment that will help you take off the edge between holiday shopping and planning. Prime your skin for the upcoming winter and set yourself up for a stress-free new year: HydraFacial is unique and perfect for every skin type. 

Feel your best with B12 Injections

What if we told you through a quick injection, we could get you through your day with a pep in your step and curb fatigue and sickness? With B12, you can! The painless injections take as long as your standard shot and provide you with nutrients to keep you going through the busiest time of the year with energy to spare. 

No matter what your goals are for 2023, AlDa is here to support you and help you get there. Let us kickstart your journey today: (781) 826-5400.


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