The Best Aesthetic Treatments According To Nurses 

May 6 is National Nurses Day! While we appreciate and celebrate our wonderful nurses every day,

May 6 is National Nurses Day! While we appreciate and celebrate our wonderful nurses every day, we’re giving them a bit of extra love this month.

The heart of the AlDa Difference comes from our incredible nursing staff. With unique personalities and backgrounds, everyone brings a different piece of the puzzle to the practice, fitting together to create a gleaming image. Their knowledge and passion are unrivaled, and there’s a reason AlDa continues to be a premiere med spa. 

With that said, here’s some of their knowledge you can take into consideration while booking your next appointment (and pro tip: Mother’s Day is right around the corner too, and you can’t miss a spa day). 

First up, Dana Broslovsky! Co-founder and the Da in AlDa, listening to her advice is a “no duh.”  

Pamper Yourself First and Foremost:

“My favorite treatment at AlDa is our Hot Stone HydraFacial. This indulgent service is the perfect combination of clinical results using medical-grade skincare while in a state of rest and relaxation. It takes HydraFacial to the next level to allow for ultimate customization based on what your skin needs to be at its healthiest. For optimal results and the best skin of your life, I recommend this treat to yourself every 6 weeks.”

Book It Immediately:

“My favorite treatment to receive is my annual full-face rejuvenation! This includes a 360 approach to facial balancing using dermal filler and wrinkle relaxers. After turning 40, I started to notice the decline in my collagen production and increase in volume loss. Full-face rejuvenation is the perfect way to add back that structure and support.”

Next is co-founder Alyssa D’Arcy! In her words, “The AlDa team is unique. We are all passionate about our profession and each other making this the most amazing work environment! I would rival any other medical spa to compare.”

The Best Advice You’ll Get All Day:

“Hands down, my favorite treatment at AlDa is the Radio Frequency MicroNeedling. Outstanding aesthetic outcomes begin with healthy skin. This treatment addresses all aging concerns. It works to improve skin texture, tone, laxity, scaring, and collagen stimulation and delivers an overall smooth appearance. Stimulating collagen production in the dermis layers of skin is a must at least 4x per year after the age of 35.” 

Don’t say she didn’t warn you. 

Repeating It Louder for the People in the Back:

“My favorite skin treatment is the Hot Stone HydraFacial.” 

Alyssa Breault, a skincare enthusiast, raves about her favorite treatment, AlDa RF, for its quick and effective results. According to Alyssa, this treatment not only gives an instant glow to the skin but also provides satisfaction to the client. The all-women establishment where AlDa RF is offered empowers women to be their best selves.

With AlDa RF, it’s not just about getting beautiful skin but also about being a part of a community that supports and uplifts each other. If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to get that instant glow, consider giving AlDa RF a try!

Brooke is excited about the upcoming launch of the Ultrasonic Facial and claims that the results are amazing. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and requires zero downtime. But when it comes to her personal favorite, Brooke would love to receive a hot stone HydraFacial with oxygen therapy and dermaplaning. This treatment provides all the benefits of a regular HydraFacial but adds a hot stone massage on the shoulders, neck, and décolleté for an extra layer of exfoliation and relaxation. Brooke also enjoys the “falling through the clouds” experience of the O2 mist and dome, leaving her feeling weightless and rejuvenated. AlDa has become her home away from home, where she feels supported and encouraged to be her best self, both professionally and personally.

Ellie Mowbray loves performing the Hollywood Spectra Carbon Peel. On the other hand, her favorite treatment to receive is Virtue RF. Ellie enjoys working at AlDa because it provides a safe and creative environment for patients. She appreciates working with a diverse group of confident and supportive women who bring different personalities to the table. At AlDa, Ellie feels empowered to provide exceptional service to her patients and help them feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Finally, we’re rounding it out with the fabulous Denise Stirling!

Pigment Concerns? She’s Got You Covered:

“Combining Tretinoin and HQ at home with in-office procedures like Lasers and Chemical Peels reveals beautifully restored skin. I love seeing the confidence and happiness that our patients feel following a successful regimen.”

The combination of at-home maintenance with regular in-office treatments ensures your aesthetic goals get met. Don’t deny yourself a “wow” moment by putting off a routine. 

Seriously, this is your sign to book a HydraFacial; they are worth the hype: 

“My tried and true skin routine is the Platinum HydraFacial with a Dermaplane because it guarantees that I will always have healthy and bright skin without needing to apply makeup.”

HydraFacial is the perfect way to kick off the summer season. No matter what your skin concerns are, we’re here to help:

“Every AlDa Team member is ready for a new challenge. Whether innovating existing procedures or taking on something new to the practice — life at AlDa is never boring.”

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