Get Your Most Kyss-able Lips Ever With Restylane Filler

February is the month of love and romance. Whether you’re single, taken, or somewhere in between,

February is the month of love and romance. Whether you’re single, taken, or somewhere in between, it’s never a bad idea to show yourself some love with self-care. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we recommend plumping your pout with our favorite lip filler, Restylane Kysse

No matter your injectable experience  — veteran or novice — now is the perfect time to try out the lip filler that master injectors and estheticians everywhere are falling in love with. 

First let’s rewind a bit.

What is lip filler?

Lip filler is an injectable created primarily from hyaluronic acid, a sugar molecule that is naturally found in the body. Hyaluronic acid (HA) has the ability to store moisture and gives skin a plump, hydrated look by retaining a thousand times its weight in water. Injected through dermal filler, HA has the ability to alter the shape, structure, and volume of your lips. 

Since filler is created using natural ingredients, getting injected is totally safe — as long as you’re going to a trained professional. 

What can I expect from my lip filler treatment?

Lip filler can elicit some anxiety, but we make sure to create a comfortable experience through numbing cream, or an injectable numbing medicine for complete comfort!  Since we’re adding HA directly into the body, you’ll notice results immediately. This is why we suggest you start small and build your way to the perfect pout. A slow build ensures a natural look and allows you to get comfortable with the procedure and the process.

How long does lip filler last?

Once your filler is injected you’ll experience some subtle swelling for 24-48hrs. Restylane Kysse lasts up to a year for some patients however many require a few appointments before their ideal lip is created. Slow and steady build of lip volume is best! We don’t recommend shopping around for the lowest price for lip injections. Your safety is of the utmost importance and you want a reputable medical facility with credentialed providers performing your injections.

What makes Restylane Kysse different?

When it comes to creating a subtle, natural difference, the type of filler used is key. Restylane Kysse not only delivers natural results, it adds volume, smooths upper lip lines, and enhances lip color. 

Restylane Kysse uses XpresHAn Technology’s innovative cross-linking gel for precise, natural-looking results. In Layman’s terms this means the filler was designed specifically with the movement of lips in mind, you don’t need to worry about looking overdone or frozen. The filler allows for flexibility of movement that is  precise and targeted — meaning less filler is needed to achieve your desired aesthetic. 

In addition to adding plumpness and volume, Restylane Kysse has the added benefit of smoothing out the lips and correcting texture. The result is a long-lasting, more youthful appearance.

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