How Filler Can Change Your Face 

Summer is right around the corner — we’re officially entering “is it sweat, or is it highlighter” season.

Summer is right around the corner — we’re officially entering “is it sweat, or is it highlighter” season. That means more time spent outdoors and less time contouring. While the welcome shift of sunshine and pool days is upon us, feeling confident in your own skin can be tough without heavy makeup to cover up. Luckily, there’s filler: Here’s how to feel refreshed and summer-ready with the injectable

In the right injector’s hand, filler has the ability to transform the face or just restore a youthful glow depending on your aesthetic goal. As the name suggests, filler fills in the area it’s injected into. The primary ingredient, hyaluronic acid (HA), is naturally occurring in the body and is responsible for skin’s elasticity and plumpness. However, as we age, our supply of HA dissipates, leaving behind sunken skin and fine lines. While this is just part of the life cycle, and we love a graceful look, there’s no reason to embrace it unless you want to. Once injected, filler restores lost volume to replenish what was lost over time. 

If your goal is to look younger, our two favorite areas to inject that provide a subtle, but tangible difference are the under eyes and nasolabial folds. 

In addition to reversing time (metaphorically speaking), filler can also be used to enhance your look and give the look of contouring without the heavy hand. Whether you’re looking to reshape your nose, chin, or jawline, or plump your lips into a perfect pout, filler can do that. In a skilled hand, filler adds shape where there isn’t any, allowing you to achieve your desired look. High cheekbones? No problem. Chiseled jaw? Easy. 

Still, while filler can enhance your look, it’s important to find an injector you trust. Think of the injector as the sculptor and the filler as the clay — anyone can buy clay, but not everyone can turn it into beautiful art. 

The versatile injectable is a great option for summer not only because it’ll help you look great and feel confident without makeup, but it also lasts. Carry your glow all summer long. Once injected, filler can last for up to an entire year, making it the ideal treatment for the hot months ahead. 

During your appointment, we’ll discuss your aesthetic goals and apply numbing cream before injecting: We won’t sugarcoat it, some injections do hurt, but the ROI is immediate. You’ll walk out with your new look ready to take on the day. With no downtime, you’ll be back to soaking up the summer sun and hitting up BBQs right after. 

Whether it’s your first time experimenting with filler or your fifteenth, we’re here to ensure you feel like the best version of yourself. Don’t wait to make your appointment. Get a head start on the best summer ever today: (781) 826-5400


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