Restore Your Under Eyes Without Surgery

As we age, our under eyes are impacted, oftentimes becoming noticeably darker, hollow, and crepey. The sensitive area touts the thinnest skin on our body,

As we age, our under eyes are impacted, oftentimes becoming noticeably darker, hollow, and crepey. The sensitive area touts the thinnest skin on our body, making the natural dissipation of collagen and elastin more noticeable than other areas on the body.

While no amount of eye cream can restore the lost volume, you don’t need to suffer self-consciously in silence. Resolve your under-eye concerns and restore the confidence of your youth with our Signature Under Eye Revival Treatment.

Here’s everything you need to know about the exciting, age-defying treatment:

Tapping into the power of your body’s own healing factors, the treatment uses platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) to restore a youthful appearance. PRFM uses the platelets in your blood to promote natural collagen production and healing: The platelets contain all of your body’s growth factors that stimulate tissue generation and play a role in your body’s reparative healing process.

If you keep up with the Kardashians and A-list treatments, this may sound familiar — after all, the vampire facial did have a moment. However, the vampire facial uses PRP, a less concentrated version of PRFM. Both encourage healing. The difference, however, lies in how long each lasts: PRP is only productive for a day, whereas PRFM is productive for several weeks, making it more powerful and more effective. Think of it as an extended growth-factor bandage.

Before the PRFM application portion of the treatment, we’ll include an Oxygen Dome Healing Therapy session while the fibrin matrix is prepared. Relaxing and restorative, the oxygen session helps aid in the healing process while also improving blood circulation to the face, for additive brightness and plumpness.

Once the oxygen dome facial is complete, we’ll apply the PRFM using a micro-cannula. This will stimulate growth factors within your body and combat the signs of under-eye aging. With new cell and collagen production, you can expect to naturally restore under-eye volume and reduce the appearance of dark circles, making it a natural alternative to dermal fillers. The best part? It’s a treatment that lasts. Peak collagen production takes up to three months, and the addition of PRFM means you can expect better results that last longer.

Still, we’ll ensure you’re taken care of immediately after the treatment. Following the AlDa Signature Under Eye Revival Treatment, all patients will receive a post-procedure ZO® Skin Health Growth Factor Eye serum to aid in recovery. The medical-grade skincare was formulated specifically to help skin following injections, so you can expect your skin to heal quicker with minimized swelling and bruising.

Don’t let the blood freak you out. PRFM is non-invasive and natural, making it a successful approach to restoring hollow under-eyes and correcting dark circles. By tapping into the power of your own body, there’s finally a more natural option for under-eye restoration.

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